warmred Warm Red Sentimental Blue Decca Eclipse 1970









PIANOPARTY Honky Tonk Piano Party Contour 1971/Karussell Australia 1971









PIANOPARTY2 Honky Tonk Piano Party No 2 Contour 1972









TVPIANO TV Piano Time with Nick Nicholas Contour 1973









WHATSMYLINE What’s My Line/Cool Cat Philips 1973








PIANOPARTY3 Honky Tonk Piano Party No 3 Contour 1973








SINGALONG1 Honky Tonk Sing-Along Party – 1 Contour 1975








SINGALONG2 Honky Tonk Sing-Along Party – 2 Contour 1975









HONKYTONK 50 Swinging Honky Tonk Favourites Pickwick 1977








royalevent Royal Event/Corgi Trot EMI 1977









24HT 24 Honky Tonk Favourites Ditto/Pickwick 1986











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