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NICK NICHOLAS his piano and orchestra : GET BACK TO THE SIXTIES
NML RECORDS 1601. Published 2016.


THE ORIGINAL Decca recording of 1969 has now been digitally remastered and restored for 2016, a tribute to the Tin Pan Alley music scene featuring international hits of the 1960s.


Some Early Reviews


“A brand new recording from a young London born pianist with proven talent. The album presents immediately appealing and imaginative arrangements, piano with vocal and instrumental backing, of fourteen great songs” - Decca Press Release


“First album by a young London born pianist, well produced by Ray Richardson. Lively piano and chorus versions of hits like “Wichita Lineman” and “Get Back” - Music Business Weekly



Track Listing


1. Love Me Tonight (Alla Fine Della Strada)

2. The Windmills of Your Mind Nickcover

3. Abergavenny

4. Wichita Lineman

5. Goodnight Sweet Lady

6. My Sentimental Friend

7. Green Grass

8. Butterfly

9. For Once In My Life

10. Goodbye

11. Come Back and Shake Me

12. Don’t Go Away

13. Winter Love (E’l’amore)

14. Get Back